Monday, October 27, 2008

Walking through Grammy Pammy's neighborhood. Enjoying all of the fall colors in Logan, Utah.

PARTY at Grandmas

Sleepover at Grandm's includes: 13+ grandkids, staying up late, multiple treats, makeovers, movies, games, and last but not least big messes aka forts.

Grandma and Grandpa love their newest great grand baby. Bryson makes number 100, give or take a few.

Daddy with his boyz.

Last SWIM of the season. It actually snowed at our house the very next day. Jett is really going to miss "Geen Bally".
We'll be the first ones there next summer, if we don't go to the indoor pool in the meantime.

Bryson having fun in the sun.


Zac is trying to teach Bryson how to crawl. Come on Bryson, you can do it.

EARLY This October

On October 4, the girls got together to throw my just barely-older-than-me sister a baby shower. Jessica is due in December with her first. We are all so happy that she is having a boy, along with big sister Kodye who will be having her first boy, after 3 girls, in January. Jess also has the cutest pregnant body. I can't wait till she can move back so our kids can play.