Thursday, January 15, 2009

My sweet boys at 6 months old.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Bunnies

Bryson isn't quite sure what to think of all the snow. Too bad his suit doesn't allow him the liberty to find out either.

These boys are so excited to get their pictures taken for this years Christmas cards, that they can barely sit still.

Snow bunny! I think it's time to go back into the cabin..sit by the woodburning stove and sip on some hot chocolate.

Daddy and Jett, Ruger and Red, head down to the river.

Winter Wonderland

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Long Awaited reunion, well not quite

Mandy, Me, Ally, and Amber. Once again the Psycho Cinco failed to get all of its members in place at one time. I guess Brooke prefers California over St. George... crazy. It seems as though there is never enough time to give to our get togethers or maybe no amount of time will suffice. Maybe it is the feeling of the outgoing and funny Desi that I feel resurface every time I am with some of the old croud that I am longing for. Not to mention my real laugh, that now surprises me when it suddenly bellows from somewhere deep within me. (it is kinda scary)

Well we really missed Brooke. All five of us haven't been together since Amber's wedding which was 7 years ago. Do to the fact that we've been spread all over the world, like Alaska, Spain, Czech Republic, Peru, Costa Rica, Washington, California, Japan, and Vietnam. I think that's right. Anyway next time Psycho Cinco will prevail. I love you guys.