Monday, November 2, 2009

Okay, I forced my children into these costumes that I made, even though I knew Jett really wanted to be something super cool like Spiderman or Batman. But come on, I had to. For one they are super cute. Second, they totally fit the part. Third, it's probably going to be my last Halloween with 2 kids, (don't get too excited, nothing is in the oven just yet.) On Halloween, Jett was really excited to be Thing 1, (he actually called it "crazy guy, who jumps out of a box and messes everything up.") Every time he put the costume on he would then proceed to overturn couch cushions, throw the toys on the ground, and make a complete mess, which was totally expected and encouraged. I was really happy with thing 2. Bryson kept his hat on the entire night. He definitely kept the night alive as well, by screaming from house to house or better yet, from candy to candy. He even ran right into someones house, but once we were threatened of doing the dishes we departed just as quickly.